Sue Meadows was our demonstrator for the October meeting and her theme was Keep It Simple, Sisters!

This was Sue’s first demonstration and she aced it!  A lover of modern designs, she wowed us with her innovative and interesting ideas.


Her first design was inspired by components that she had used previously – polystyrene shapes covered with dried leaves which she glued on.  Using cut roller towel inners as a base and thin skewers as props she placed her 3 shapes creating angles and movement.  Added to this were 3 anthuriums in tubes, again creating movement and some smoothness with the flowers and the stems placed across the busy background of leaves.


Then using a heavy block of wood painted black with aluminium rods she added cut pool noodle pieces which had been painted and covered with wood shavings to create an unusual texture.  The one noodle had been pushed open, with wood pieces and test tubes keeping it open to create another interesting feature.  Flax and roses were then added to finish off the design.


The interesting use of outer tree bark interlocked to create a stunning and versatile base, which could be used for numerous different designs.  Tubes added between the two pieces allow for the easy insertion of any flowers and foliage.  Sue added dried aloe leaves to the one side before adding beautiful roses into the tubes creating an exciting and unusual design, pleasing in both colour and texture.


For the first time this morning, Sue used a small piece of oasis covered with a leaf as the mechanics in her tall metal container.  The oasis was kept well above the rim of the container to enable her to add flax which had been manipulated into geometric shapes as the side placement.  Tall flax was placed towards the back of the design with the addition of cordyline and yellow roses.


Next, a large hula hoop was bound with string and then cable tied to a stand.  To this Sue added a lightly painted branch from the leopard tree and 3 gorgeous pink king proteas in tubes, also bound with string.

Sue, your first demonstration was fabulous and you inspired many with your creative modern designs.  Well done on the minimal use of oasis and bought plant material.  So not only an eco-friendly lesson on alternative mechanics, but one on how to re-use and repurpose material that we have either used before, or from our gardens.

Thank you Sue and assistant Robyn Lapin for a most enjoyable morning.


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