We were delighted to welcome Linda Larratt as our demonstrator today.  Linda has not demonstrated for us for quite some time and once again she did a creative display of floral arrangements.  Her theme was ‘Threading’ and we were presented with 6 beautiful and original designs filling our stage.  
Her first design was a circle of threaded shells and brachylaena leaves, finished off with some gorgeous pink roses.
The threading in the second design was done through a stunning large metal urn. Fan palms and exquisite alstroemeria filled the top of the urn with dried bracts from the delicious monster threaded through the framework.  Isn't the colour combination stunning?
In her third design she threaded pandanus leaves onto wire lengths and attached them to the unusual frame, which she also filled with bromeliads.  A hanging square of moss was attached with another length of threaded pandanus leaves and finished off with a spiralling dried stem. Yellow gerbera added a nice 'pop' of colour.
The fourth design was a metal frame to which she added rounds of wood on dowelling sticks, inserting schefflera leaves and sunny yellow gerberas in the spaces between them.  This was then attached to a tall metal stand.
Threaded brachylaena leaves, literally hundreds of them, formed the shape of a large cone for the next design.  A branch was inserted across the top and strelitzia and pandanus leaves attached.  It was finished off with yellow gerbera and schefflera leaves.  Such an interesting design!
And the final design included a large round with a wreath of rabbit's foot fern (polypodium) attached to it, a metal scroll frame covered with lisianthus, roses and pennygum with a large round of lavender.  These were all displayed on a large horizontal metal frame supported by 2 wooden frames.
Thank you Linda, you not only wowed us today with your incredible designs but certainly inspired us to try some threading and incorporate this into our designs!
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