For our demonstration today we had Anu Gounder and Patsy Naidoo, our Teacher candidates, each doing a short teaching dem.

Anu Gounder's topic was Playing with Frames.

She started with a pink wooden frame with hanging circles attached - these were metal wreath rings covered with fabric.  Paper roses were grouped in a small container taped to the base of the frame, and into two small test tubes glued on to the top corner of the frame, both front and back. Cut bromeliad flower stems were also placed in both for a contrast of texture.  Knotted Dietes was added for interest.



Her second design was another painted wooden picture frame with a small tray attached to the back to hold the oasis.  Kalanchoe and Echeveria were added with a little Tillandsia hung over the frame to soften it. 

Patsy Naidoo's chosen theme was Contemporary Parallels.

Her first design was a monochromatic using the tints, tones and shades of red.  Starting with some beautiful pink hydrangeas, she added sticks which were a darker shade of pink, with red roses and amaranthus finishing off the design.


She then brought out 2 completed designs to show different styles of parallel, the first with both vertical and diagonal lines, the second a fun arrangement for Valentines Day or an anniversary.

This was their first practical teaching demonstration, so thank you to both Anu and Patsy!  


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