Ways with Foliage was the theme for our stage demonstration today by Rosemarie Blair and Greg Baptie.
All the plant material used was from their gardens, and friend’s gardens of course, and they also tried to re-use mechanics/stands from previous designs.
Rosemarie started off with a large circle on a stand which she had covered with wool.  To this she added some textural and water wise plant material such as tillandsia, air plants, echeveria and an orchid.  A second stand was then brought in and to this one she had glued stachys on for a different textural look with these velvety leaves.  An echeveria was added to the base to link the 2 designs and also add a bit of depth.
Modern mass was Greg’s choice.  Using a number of sansevieria for height, strength and impact, delicious monster leaves, a large agave, with curly ginger adding movement and depth.  He then used curculigo wired into shape, adding these to the front.  Dracaena pleomele added a little bit of colour, lifting the design.
Rosemarie’s next design incorporated both fresh and dried plant material and was also done on a stand. She used Rabbits foot, and contrasting it’s roughness added cordyline, and also some croton leaves – the colour picking up the copper/rose shade of the stand, dried strelitzia and dried palm fronds, and finally bromeliads.
Greg’s circle was also bound with wool, with palm spathes and some oasis in the centre.  To this he added some hanging bromeliad, bound tortured willow branches and more bromeliads through the centre on the oasis which he had partially covered with moss.  One must use wet moss over oasis as if it is dry it tends to draw water from the oasis.  To unify the design he added some croton leaves in the same colour as the wool on the frame.
A beautiful piece of driftwood placed horizontally was enhanced with large bromeliads and a few smaller ones but Rosemarie purposely left spaces open so as not to detract from the beauty of the wood.

The final design was a show of how to use philodendron selloum leaves in different ways.  Beautiful large leaves at the base, with the same leaves abstracted and hung from above creating an unusual and interesting display.

What a way to start the new year – save by using garden material (and they certainly demonstrated that beautiful and interesting designs can be created with this), re-using/repurposing stands, and just getting creative. Thank you Rosemarie and Greg – the morning was fun, relaxing and inspiring!  

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